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Discontinued Products

The links below open in a separate window with a full datasheet.  An Adobe Acrobat, PDF, compatible reader is required.  You can also download the PDF file by right clicking and choosing "Save Target As".

The datasheets below are for reference and support of our customers who may have purchased these products in the past.  Please contact us if you have questions.

bulletModel 10            RTD Sensors
bulletModel 25            Low Voltage AC / DC Power Supply (See Model 24)
bulletModel 30            Isolator Regulator
bulletModel 60            AC Voltage Detector
bulletModel 65           Sensor Logic Block
bulletModel 1100A      LonWorks Industrial Temperature Network Transmitter (See Model 1105)
bulletModel 1150        LonWorks Indoor Temperature Network Transmitter (See Model 1260B)
bulletModel 1160        LonWorks Indoor Temperature Network Transmitter (See Model 1260B)
bulletModel 1175        LonWorks Isolated/Specialized Thermocouple Interface (LonWorks)
bullet Model 1180        LonWorks Isolated 6-Channel Thermocouple Input Interface (LonWorks)
bulletModel 1200A      LonWorks Industrial Temperature / Relative Humidity / Dew Point Network Transmitter (See Model 1205)
bulletModel 1250        LonWorks Indoor Temperature / Relative Humidity Network Transmitter (See Model 1260B)
bulletModel 1300        LonWorks Differential Low Pressure Network Transmitter
bulletModel 1400A      LonWorks Dual 4-20 mA Network Bridge 
bulletModel 1420A      LonWorks 4-20 mA Input /  Output Network Bridge
bulletModel 1600        LonWorks Network Display (See Model 1600LM)
bulletModel 1650        LonWorks Network Terminal 
bulletModel 2000T      LonWorks Indoor Temperature Display and Command Module
bulletModel 2500        LonWorks Network Humistat 
bulletModel 2800        LonWorks Dual Serial / Quad Analog Input Network Bridge 



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